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authorities and get closure on his time. he hopes his gam jail time in ca
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will mean a shorter term in the u.s. >> the authorities are starting the clean up of the crippled pukpuke shy taoues plant. cripple fukushima plant. >> the process is expected to take decades and will cost millions obillions of lot dolla. >> the hurricane is expected to make land fall on friday. it's spice poised to hit vast af the central philippines of. >> they have a rainy day on thursday and for the northeast as well and all the way towards
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the southeast. the frontal boundary that brought the snow on the northern plains. delays could be a major problem here across that region. across the northwest we have a system that is coming out of the pacific. that means soggy conditions for seattle at least for the next several days of we are going to see most of the states oregon and washington and identif idahe psycseeing rain for the next few days. it's not until sunday when we get a break from the rain. they have cloudy conditions all the way to the beginning of the week. to the southwest it's high pressure that is dominating the region. it's keeping the weather up to the northeast as well for los angeles the warme warmest day ig to be thursday. >> and it's going to be back up
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on monday partly cloudy conditions there. nice break for texas and you had a lot of rain. >> pushing through and wha whats going to be exchange for that rain is frost in the morning. still rain down here for parts of brownsville. and dallas how about a high of 66 and san antonio the same thing and saturday sunny skies and 72. >> detecting autism at an early age. the surprising signals that babies may give off as early as two months. >> twitter bumping up it's price for it's stocks. and small loans are having a big impact. how microbusiness owners are turning their dreams into reality.
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researchers analyze how infants look at faces from birth to age of three children with autism had diminished eye contact at the first few months of their life. >> that is a key indicator of autism. that is the early sign of you a tiautismthat they have observe. >> the dow is hitting a record closing high. the blue chip is closing at 15, 746. the investors wer. >> the trading debut of twitter on thursday. the ipo at $26 a share to above it's initial ranges of the the company is to raise
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$1.8 billion. the shares will trade under the ticker symbol twtr. the government shutdown may have knocked the wind out of the economic gains. according to the could be for ce board. they suggest that the economy is expanding modestly beyond the immediate fall out of the klossinklossclosingchoicinclosed will return for 2014. >> al jazeera is showing you ways that people are dealing with tough times. today we shall looking at microlending. >> it's of often hughes often ur areas is becoming popular here.
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a they may seem different from the countries they live in, but they are all connected by big dreams and financing. >> isfinancing. >> i was able to get a loan of 15 k. that is a lot of money to me. at the time it helped. i had a 1 15,000 $15,000 microl. enough for michael to open hammer and nails. michael now he had a no unique d winning business plan. but we n he asked for a loan from his bark, thbank the answer was no. seven out of ten applications to bank are denied. >> making small loan involves a huge at of cost. and the banks are not set up to minimize the costs in a way to make it feasible.
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>> michael elliott found a financialal friend at vbdc microfinancing loans of $50,000 or less. >> they close the gap between opportunity and talent. where we believe facility len tn universal. microlending has been associated with the developing world. anthey have spread to 73 countrs cloudincloud ed i includeinclud. lastielast year they form a para partnership to open up in it lamp. los angeles. so far they have loaned more than $400,000 to 63 entrepreneurs.
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overall small business plays a tremendous rom role with job creation as well as holding onto the entrepreneurial spirit and that gives light to the american dream. >> i'm driving down melrose avenue and one of those businesses is mine. and i'm 46 years old. and i'm getting a second chance at a new dream. it's making a difference for thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. >> life changing an. >> and right here at home. that will do it for this edition of al jazeera news. i'm stephanie sy, the stream is next. you can always log on to
2:30 am with the latest head linings. head -- hea headlines. we'll leave you now with a look at new york city.
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